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We always welcome any and all feedback from our customers about our staff and products. Your opinion is extremely valuable for continuously improving our services and products. We also welcome messages to our factory staff in Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India as well. Do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns and/or questions.

Please refer to the chart below for contact information.

Contents of your inquiry Contact information
Inquiries regarding the purchase of our products Inquiries about our products and purchase.
Inquiries for after care services Inquiries about post-sales care services.
法人の方のお問い合わせ Inquiries about the company. Click here to view corporate information, including the office address and phone number.
Inquiries for lectures, interviews Inquiries about lectures and interviews. CEO and Chief Designer Eriko Yamaguchi, Vice President Daisuke Yamazaki, and other MOTHERHOUSE staff have given lectures elsewhere.
Click here to view an overview of lecturers and necessary procedures.
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Opinions and requests for MOTHERHOUSE Deliver your opinions and requests.