PHILOSOPHY 途上国から世界に通用するブランドをつくる from MOTHERHOUSE


We spotlight the potential of developing countries
through our products to establish an international brand.

Our mission is to demonstrate the unlimited, yet undiscovered, potential of developing countries
through “mono-zukuri,” or manufacturing.

Our mono-zukuri begins from discovering raw materials at the site.

Our products are unique, surprising, and heartwarming, and designed to be your lifelong partner.

To create a world with more laughter and warmth, our products aim to illuminate the beauty of diversity.

We make every effort to manufacture using
materials and production methods suitable for each country.

Bangladesh has jute and leather. Nepal has high-quality cashmere and silk.

Motherhouse’s manufacturing sheds light on the untapped possibilities of these local materials.

Our bags, stoles, shirts, and jewelries are produced in either small-scale or mid-scale production.

Our “Village Series” is a special project committed to keeping alive the traditions of beautiful handicrafts inherited by each household and village.

Uniqueness has a value in itself - each is beautiful and precious.

We keep moving to discover and tell the world the hidden potential of the developing countries.

Our factory in Bangladesh was built upon the principle that every staff who work there can always feel happy and comfortable.
We aspire to maintain the best working environment for our staffs, as if it is their second home.

We believe that, in order to develop and produce fine products, establishing a healthy working environment is necessary.

We not only endorse high salaries, fair and skill-based promotions,
and stable pension and medical insurance systems, but also carry out entertaining events such as annual company picnics.

Maintenance and repair services for your long-term and comfortable use of our products

We hope our customers can enjoy our products for an extended period of time.

In the event of malfunctions and defects within six months from purchase, we offer free repair services.

Various maintenance services are available for products that are used more than six months as well.

Feel free to consult our staffs to discover ways for daily care and suitable maintenance/repair services for your items.

We sincerely and appropriately respond to our customers’ requests,
utilizing the capabilities of in-house production.

Motherhouse’s “Cocokara Project” aims to respond to the special needs of those with experiences of
severe illness, expecting mothers, and physically challenged individuals.

Through the use of our products we hope to make their “cocoro (hearts)” and “karada (bodies)” lighter.

Although often overheard, the voices of people with specific needs provide us with new insights and discoveries.

Only through our small-scale production can we reflect these to the products.

We strive to create a community that transcends persisting dichotomies, such as production and sales, customers and manufacturers, and developed countries and developing countries.

We continue to take actions for building a community that makes all of its members happy.

For instance, we have invited more than 250 customers to visit our factories in Bangladesh and experience the manufacturing process.

We also bring our contributing factory staffs to Japan and provide them with opportunities to interact with the customers.

Such experiences motivate the manufacturing staffs to pursue their dreams.

Additionally, we regularly hold “MOTHERHOUSE College,”
where invited speakers and participants discuss the future of our society,
and “Zadankai (round-table discussions)” where customers and our staffs cooperatively develop new products.

These events are designed to break down various walls and promote intersectionality in our community.

We extend our interests and support beyond our customers.

Besides our effort for making the world a better place through business,
we also acknowledge the people that cannot be reached with business alone,
such as victims of natural disasters and underprivileged.

One of our efforts of reaching out to these people is the issuance of “Social Point Card.” We engage in various charity activities with the fund accumulated through the customer’s use of the Card.

In the past, we have provided housings and daily commodities to the victims of the cyclone in Bangladesh and the mass earthquake in Nepal.

We have also supplied “egao-bukuro (bags of smiles)” to the children in the afflicted area of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We hope to continue such swift and effective assistance, cooperating with the local residents.